China Bangladesh Friendship Center-CBFC 中孟友好中心 is an International Friendship Association of China and Bangladesh upholding One Greater China to Bangladeshis by believing in One China, BRI, and One country two system policy

About Our Organization

China Bangladesh Friendship Center-CBFC

China Bangladesh friendship is traditional. The relations between these two territories date back to history. Since then, China has always remained a great friend of Bangladesh. Apart from extending economic and defense cooperation, China supported Bangladesh in different international forums. Padma Bridge is a glaring example of China’s cooperation in the development of Bangladesh. There have been frequent exchanges of visits from the highest political, Business, and friendship levels to other areas of the social and cultural life of the two countries. Economic, Trade and Commerce, Culture, Sports, Defense, Science and Technology, and religious delegations visit each other’s countries. CHINA BANGLADESH FRIENDSHIP CENTER-CBFC 中孟友好中心 is an International Business, and Cultural Community Services Organization of Greater China and Bangladesh registered in Hong Kong. We respect one country with two policy systems, and we also believe in the motto of ONE greater China. We also support the BELT and ROAD Initiatives of Greater China. CBFC is working for the betterment of the two-nation, China and Bangladesh. Long Live Greater China-Bangladesh Friendship.