China Bangladesh Friendship Center-CBFC 中孟友好中心 is an International Friendship Association of China and Bangladesh upholding One Greater China to Bangladeshis by believing in One China, BRI, and One country two system policy

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China Bangladesh Friendship Center

China Bangladesh friendship is traditional. The relations between these two territories date back to history. Since then, China has always remained a great friend of Bangladesh. Apart from extending economic and defense cooperation, China supported Bangladesh in different international forums. Padma Bridge is a glaring example of China’s cooperation in the development of Bangladesh. There have been frequent exchanges of visits from the highest political, Business, and friendship levels to other areas of the social and cultural life of the two countries. Economic, Trade and Commerce, Culture, Sports, Defense, Science and Technology, and religious delegations visit each other’s countries. CHINA BANGLADESH FRIENDSHIP CENTER-CBFC 中孟友好中心 is an International Business, and Cultural Community Services Organization of Greater China and Bangladesh registered in Hong Kong. We respect one country with two policy systems, and we also believe in the motto of ONE greater China. We also support the BELT and ROAD Initiatives of Greater China. CBFC is working for the betterment of the two-nation, China and Bangladesh. Long Live Greater China-Bangladesh Friendship.
CBFC Aim & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the CBFC are as follows:

  • To buildup friendship between the citizens of the People’s Republic of China and those of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • To share the knowledge and innovative ideas between two nations by organizing cultural shows, business exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, exchange programs, exchanging delegates, etc.
  • To promote business, cultural activities, studies, and research between two nations by enhancing bilateral understanding and goodwill
  • To Develop ICT using Online and Print Media and to arrange joint publications on the national days of both the nations
  • To arrange language and other professional training courses for both Bangladeshi and Chinese nationals and to stand beside the citizens of both the countries as a unique support center to cater to their various needs
  • To ensure the basic rights of the Chinese people living in Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people living in China
  • To support meritorious students by arranging scholarships and other support from the authorities.
  • Encouraging and recognizing Professionals, Businessmen, Students & Parents through CBFC Awards
  • To take care of the existing bilateral issues and to take part in the future issues, agreements, bargaining between two nations for the mutual interests and benefits. In this regard, maintaining a close relationship with the embassies of China and Bangladesh
  • To set up the CBFC-Institute of Professional Development Alternative (CIPDA) to support the human resource development of two nations.
  • To set up a Chinese International University in Bangladesh.
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Our News

China Bangladesh Friendship Center -CBFC has

The Convening Committee of the China Bangladesh Friendship Center -CBFC organized a General Meeting on 20th April 2022, through a virtual platform, discussed with the ex-officials, members, and well-wishers of the CBFC, and elected the new EC
May 10, 2022

China is the Largest Development Partner of

On the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Victory Day, China-Bangladesh Friendship Center-CBFC organized a webinar titled “Golden Jubilee of Victory and China’s Contribution in Building Modern Bangladesh.” The speakers made such remarks while
November 19, 2021